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Assessing, Maintaining and Restoring Critical Environments

Facility Support Services

Our experienced team of industry leaders have multifaceted backgrounds in commercial facility support, industrial and environment projects.

Our reputation is based on building lasting relationships with federal and state agencies. For 26 years, we have consistently delivered quality work and the highest level of customer service to all clients.

Quality is our top priority. Whether the project is large or small, we are committed to creating and keeping an excellent product for the customer.


Operation and Maintenance Service

Our facility support management services keep all sides of facility maintenance in operations.

• Electrical upgrades and energy savings
• Blacktop paving, stripping and filling potholes
• Replacing metal doors and hardware
• Painting, drywall and patching
• Inspections and custom lighting
• Preventive maintenance services
Audits, Inspections & Assessments

Capital Brand Group is our partner for energy, sustainability and FCA services

Energy Audit (EA)

An Energy Audit (EA) is for clients who want to save energy, increase occupant comfort, effectively invest money in their building or pursue Energy Star, LEED or similar certifications to attract environmentally conscious tenants.

The EA comes in three levels: I, II and III. The higher the level, the more in-depth the analysis and the more accurate the capital-improvement costs.

Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)

A Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) is for clients with aging infrastructure that is near end-of-life or beginning to fail. This report recommends what equipment to repair or replace and prioritizes where to start.

The next step is a Capital Improvement Plan and Budget to make the building function like new again. Additionally, the FCA includes an updated inventory of equipment.


HHS Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Facility

RGM Incorporated had previously provided Facility Support tasks at the FDA. The agency then asked us to submit a solution to a costly problem at the research laboratories at the White Oak facility.

For several years, weather-related power failures and wildlife breaches in remote areas of the lab ended experiments and made data and results unusable. In some cases, months of data collection would be discarded, and research would need to be restarted.

Our senior project management team collaborated with FDA and GSA electrical and facility engineers, senior project managers, and lab scientists to provision and install Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems.

The first of these systems was a new 2-ton, 60,000-watt unit with accompanying switch, metering and breaker panels. Under a contract modification, we later installed a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) in-line to match equipment start-up speed and load requirements and a custom cooling system to reduce noise.

RGM Incorporated provided the management and general contracting services for the first of a series of UPS installations in several buildings. We asked for proposals with drawings and specifications from high-level electrical contractors and awarded a subcontract to a top-notch leader in the field.

RGM successfully executed the first UPS system on time and within budget.

US Census Bureau

RGM Incorporated provided all labor, material, equipment and supervision to install new lighting controllers at the U.S. Census Bureau’s Bowie Computer Center. This 110,000-sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility is the backbone of the agency’s census, survey and website operations.

All work was performed within budget, on time and to specifications. We replaced control boards, all motion sensors, timed switches and zone controls.

In addition to providing start-up and training, RGM Incorporated furnished and installed:

  • 48 new lighting relays to 3 existing back boxes (144 relays)
  • 38 new lighting relays to 3 existing back boxes (114 relays)
  • 1 new control transformers to 6 existing back boxes
  • 31 additional motion sensors as required for area coverage
  • 10 new motion-sensor power packs
  • new CAT 6 cabling to daisy-chain new controllers, motion sensors and data-line switches
  • custom graphics software
  • new desktop computer and monitor for lighting controls







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